Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Recently, I have been placed on a Management Team of our precious little church and we are working on the proof of "continuing abundance".  This has led me to several articles on supply, employment, talents, etc. One of the best articles that I read was from a friend's BLOG site, SPIRITVIEW. I have included a link to the site if you are interested. http://screencast.com/t/jEE2zgSwX .  The article was entitled "No Deficit Thinking This year".  It corrected the thought of "deficit thinking" where we only see the insurmountable financial woes of the future to one of demanding our right of "Abundance in all things", i..e., "surplus thinking", today and NOW!.

I challenge any of you to read this article and not feel empowered to conquer the darkness of poverty or lack and take on the challenge of "Surplus Thinking". I have put this into practice in the last week and am filled with Hope and dreams of the future, not dread. It has changed my attitude and my Joy-meter is bursting. This is not Pollyanna-thinking. This is supported by hundreds of years of proof by those who follow the inspired word of the Bible and Christ Jesus teachings. I hope this helps anyone that reads it.   HOPE is always better than DREAD!

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